Monday, January 20, 2014

A little bit of everything circa 2013

So I turned 30. 
The 20's had some awesome moments. Graduating college, dream career, getting married to name a few. But my god the last 4 years were rough and quite frankly, I was excited that turning 30 can only start on a good foot and hope for a kick ass decade. 
Guess who else turned 30? 
Ya, that guy. Yup I'm wearing the same shirt- I feel skinny in it!

As for CC...

This was the year for school. After many failed attempts at getting help for His speech we decided putting him in a preschool a little early could only benefit him. Who knew speech therapy would cost $600 a week since our insurance doesn't cover it. Holy crap balls!  

But- it was the best decision ever!
OMG. He LOVES it! He started in the summer and since then has flourished in the talking dept. The stuff that flies out of his mouth makes me want to keep a blog just to document and remember those moments.

When I thought about how absent I've been blogging, it made me sad to think on all the relationships I've made over the past few years because of my blog. I have made lifelong friends because of this little corner on the Internet. One being Diana. Who under terrible circumstances I flew out to Texas for in August. 

How I wish we could have finally met in person under happier times, I was incredibly honored to be a very small part of Kaden's story and give comfort to a dear friend. 

Honestly, I could write a whole blog about that. Maybe in time I'll sit down and sort through those emotions and get it on paper. So much to say. 
But really Diana, I am so honored to call you a friend.

Halloween was the first where my plan for an awesome costume failed. A couple attempts at a homemade costume making CC look like a botched dog gave me a reason to skip the "Slinky the Dog" costume and make a last minute trip to the Disney Store where he picked out a Woody costume.
Gone are the days of me picking out his costume. That lasted a whole 2 years.

Oh! Here's a new one! I got new bangs! It kind of happened on accident, my hairdresser thought I wanted the whole hairstyle of the picture I showed her and I assumed she knew to cut my bangs like my normal side swept. But she didn't. And thank god because I feel all young again. 

Then December rolled around and a busy one it was. 
CC turned 3. Wow. 3 whole years. 

He wanted a rainbow birthday cake, a Sofia the First costume, a big garbage truck and planes. Diverse kid I tell you. But CC got the best birthday present of all. 

His cousin Baby Luke (Brice's little brother) was born. How is it 2 little boys who have big brothers in heaven are both born on the same day 3 years apart? Just crazy.

He's healthy and so super cute and when they came home to celebrate the holidays with Luke in tow, my heart melted watching CC hold him. 

Happiness. Pure Bliss. I wish I could have told myself this would happen 4 years ago when I felt like the world would be against me forever. Which don't get me wrong, things aren't perfect. Nor are they all butterflies and glitter rainbows. I miss Nolan more than I can verbalize but my sadness isn't a gut wrenching pain every.single.moment. like it used to be.

It's just different. 

I can step back and with a smile at that and say Nolan made me who I am as a mother, wife and friend today. 

Happiness returns. I promise. 

Christmas came. It's was definitely a little more magical this year. I still boycotted the damn Elf on the Shelf, mostly because I knew I would forget to move the damn thing. 
Calling Santa on Christmas Eve was better than any Elf thing anyways. 

Needless to say 2013 was pretty awesome. A few cruises, turning 30, watching a toddler grow into a preschooler and gaining another nephew.

We toasted in the new year staying close to home and went to a neighborhood Sip n Stumble, because well when you're 30- going out on amateur night isn't cool anymore. Ha. 

It's almost impossible to lump an entire year into a blog post, well more like the past 6 months on a blog that has been vacant for over a year now. I am making it my New Years resolution to blog regularly not for anyone but myself so that next year, I'm not here trying to make one general post on an entire year.


princessputter said...

So glad to see you`re back.. missed your blog..CC is precious!

princessputter said...
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Jen said...

I'm so glad to see you back to blogging & so happy that you had such a blessed year!

Lisa said...

xoxo.... It's so nice to see your radiant smile in pictures. We think of you often. I WILL get down to Florida to see you. Especially if Brittany decides to attend college down there!! ~Lisa

Brie said...

Yay! A post. I've missed them!

Nikki @ from MRS to MOMMA said...

So glad to see you're back. I used to follow your blog back in the days when I was still blogging. Maybe your little update is just the kickstart I need to pick mine back up again. CC is adorable and growing handsomely. xoxo

Lori Vann said...

I'm so glad to see a small update. I'm blessed to be your facebook friend, so I do get to see all your updates there.

What a wonderful thing you did for Kaden's family. You are a treasure!